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  Frequently Asked Questions about Wings of fire


What is “Wings of Fire“?
Wing of Fire (WOF) is a registered social service organization having “Noble Mission with a strong Vision to build great nation”.


What is the Vision of “Wings of Fire?
1. Aiming towards providing 100% literacy to the citizens of India.
2. Reforming India as a Super Power Nation before 2020AD.
3. Making India a leading / very prominent country at UNO.
4. Creating job opportunities to most of the Indians  


How is that WOF is different form other organization?
Every Indian has a pride to be an Indian, but they are not able to express and spread this hidden urge and love towards our country. WOF will open up the minds of each Indian and empower them, to build a great nation. The students and the youth are the effective tools who can architect the modern India.


How can WOF achieve its Vision?
WOF will utilize the network of student, youth, elders in our country and with the aid of communication, science and technology it will kindle the patriotism within everyone. It will help in empowering the citizens with education, job, personality development, patriotism and all the knowledge required to build India, as a Super Power Nation.


What is the eligibility to become WOF member?

Citizens of India, possessing the following qualities are eligible to become the member of WOF.

1. Citizens who have pride of being an Indian, and wants to participate in reforming India as a Super Power nation.
2. Citizens who have Willingness to network with WOF, to empower self and others around them.


How to become the member?
E-Members: By on line registering in the website.
Active Members: By downloading the application and post to the WOF registered office.
WOF branch: A group of youths /citizens can form a branch in their Place, after obtains permission from the chairman.
Student Branch: The university, school or group of student can establish a student branch, after obtains permission from the chairman.


What is the membership fee of WOF?
The membership is free.


If students take active part in WOF, will it not affect their studies?
No, it will not affect the studies of students. On contradictory the time and projects are designed in such a way that, it will help the students to better academic excellence.


What are the roles and responsibilities of members?
Please refer the ‘Member’s Responsibilities” area in the website.


Is there any literature available about WOF?
At present the literature on WOF is made in English and available with the team members. Shortly it will be made available in all Indian languages.


Is WOF is a registered organization?
YES!  “Wings of Fire” is a registered organization with Government of Karnataka under Firms & societies act.


What are the value additions by being a member of WOF?

  • The members will have the pride of reforming India as a Super Power Nation
  • Helps the member to develop skills in many angles.
  • Helps in developing a network of contact across the country.
  • Help in bringing the hidden talent within oneself.
  • Provide the opportunity to display their talents.
  • Will provide the opportunity to help others in building as a good citizen.

How WOF came in to existence?
A bunch of like minded people from different field like Soft ware, Educational Institution, Engineering Industries, Entrepreneurs joined together and made a deliberation to uplift the image of our country. This deliberation is the base for the birth of WOF. For detailed information please refer ‘Wings of fire history’ area at website.


Will WOF branches get any financial assistance from head office?
The Activity of the WOF branches are designed in such a way that they are not in need of a big financial assistance. However if any necessity arises for small expenses will be borne by the branch representatives.


How WOF meet its financial requirements?
Presently the core team members are sharing the expenses of WOF.
As an active member of WOF the members can contribute for the project and administrative expenses.
The project will be conducted with a sponsorship of resources required for execution for the project from various like minded citizens.


What is road map designed by WOF to reform India as s Super Power Nation by 2020AD?
Please refer the ‘Action Plan” area in website.


What is the role of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam in WOF?

We consider Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam as our Guru (Duronacharya). Though he is not directly associated with WOF, there are few coincidences.

1. The name of our organization and the title of a book written by Dr.Kalam are identical.

2. Dr.A.P.J.Adul Kalam’s dream of “Reforming India as a super power nation by 2020AD” is, one of the major vision of WOF.


Name few important projects carried by WOF?
The first project of WOF is ‘Budding Leader’s Day’ which was followed by Students meet, Training the Trainers, ‘Gaana Varshini’, Students wing etcetera.
For further information please refer the ‘Projects’ heading in the website.


What are WOF proposals to address its concept to rural India?
By providing proper training in the WOF concept and regional language fluency, the representatives will be sent to rural India to conduct meetings/work shops.

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